The Broadcast Executives Society assists the community, by financially supporting and administering the following:
• Ruth Hancock Scholarship Foundation program for broadcasting students at Canadian colleges and universities
• BES Achievement Award for outstanding contribution to broadcasting [more...]• Paul Mulvihill Charitable Foundation [more...]
Ruth Hancock Scholarship Foundation Background
This is awarded in memory of Ruth Hancock, who died in 1973. Ruth was executive assistant to a past president of the CTV Network.The award was originally established by CTV, BES and the CAB, who maintained the fund jointly. Receiving entries and selecting the annual award winners is handled primarily by CAB, with judging duties shared by the three parties. Winners are announced at the annual CAB convention. The BES has assumed responsibility of the foundation’s portfolio, which is now self-funding. In 2002, the Canadian Association of Broadcast Representatives replaced CTV as a sponsoring organization with the donation of $20,000.Purpose
To provide educational scholarships for students enrolled in courses devoted to broadcast communications. Winners must exhibit leadership qualities, a strong character, willingness to help others, and also demonstrate a genuine interest in pursuing a career in broadcasting by enthusiastically completing course related and extra curricular activities connected to broadcasting.Currently, scholarships of $1,500 are provided annually.
Application forms in printable form for the Ruth Hancock Scholarship are available here.

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